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If you know you are getting a new puppy or kitten, it is good to get supplies before bringing them home. If you have a new puppy, it will need a kennel for sleeping and training, toys for chewing and cuddling, and a bed to sleep in. It will also need a leash and collar or harness, and a secure pen to play in. You may also want a supply of puppy pads while you are training. Kittens will need a litter box, toys, cat trees, and scratching posts. Both puppies and kittens need healthy food as well as food and water dishes. You should also look around your home and make sure there are no exposed cords, wires, or other hazards that could harm your pet.

Feeding and Exercising Your Puppy or Kitten

Both puppies and kittens love to play and need the exercise. Puppies can attempt walks around your yard to get used to the leash. While most cats do not enjoy walks, most enjoy chasing toys, including toys on a stick, so they can pretend they are hunting. Be sure to feed your new pet high-quality food. Puppies will need to eat at least twice a day. Kittens eat three times per day when they are very young, and twice a day when they are older. Avoid using free feeders, as they promote overeating.

Bringing a puppy or kitten home is a special time, but it is also a time of great responsibility. Puppies and kittens are very adventurous and can get in a lot of trouble if given the chance. You will need to make sure they have their love and the supplies they need to thrive. This means you need to set up your home in a way that makes you and your new pet’s acclimation period as positive as possible. It means developing feeding and exercise routines. And it means seeing to it that they have the care they need from their veterinarian when they need it. dog shop in Delhi pet shop for dogs.