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It’s always exciting bringing home a new puppy or kitten! Your cute, cuddly new family member can’t help but make everyone around them smile. 
As fun as this time is, you must take the right steps during your new friend’s first year to set them up for long-term success. 
Your puppy or kitten vet will develop a custom health care plan to meet your pet’s unique needs and provide you with plenty of support and guidance along the way!

Your Pet’s First Appointment

Puppy veterinary care should begin with their first appointment at around six weeks of age, while kittens should first visit the vet at around eight weeks. During this initial visit, your pet will receive a complete physical examination to assess its overall health, look for signs of any congenital defects, and check for external parasites.

Feeding and Exercising Your Puppy or Kitten

Both puppies and kittens love to play and need the exercise. Puppies can attempt walks around your yard to get used to the leash. While most cats do not enjoy walks, most enjoy chasing toys, including toys on a stick, so they can pretend they are hunting. Be sure to feed your new pet high-quality food. Puppies will need to eat at least twice a day. Kittens eat three times per day when they are very young, and twice a day when they are older. Avoid using free feeders, as they promote overeating.